Chattel Houses

50012[83K] The chattel house... still home for many Bajans.... but this one
never made it.

50013[45K] The boat has VHF radio and other modern equipment.... the "house"...
well it seems to have been left there to rot away.

50014[92K] This chattel house is not only inhabited.... but has electricity....
want to bet there is a color TV and computer inside ?

50015[80K] This chattel house has glass windows, another style uses wooden
louvres... which lets the air in but keeps the light out...
it is safer than glass in hurricane weather.

50016[66K] Our smartest chattel house... using the wooden louvres...
mentioned above.

50017[83K] Quite a popular practice.... the new larger house is constructed
around the existing one... which allows the occupants to go on
inhabiting the dwelling... throughout construction.... which
can then take place at whatever rate the budget of the owner
can allow !

50018[76K] The owner succeeded in selling this house shortly after the
photo was taken.... you would be surprised to see how quickly
it moved... it was here today and gone tomorrow.
On the increase... dillapidated houses side by side with occupied dwellings:-

The average Bajan now has satellite TV at home.... A house of talent and creativity:-

Check the attractive letterbox !

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© copyright 1998 Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados.