Other Structures

[68K] The Harry Bailey Observatory, located at "Clapham" in Christ Church, is open on Friday nights to visitors (from 8:30 p.m. Atlantic time). It has a 14" reflector, here in Barbados there is no atmospheric pollution and good dark sky, so impressive results are obtained with this modest 'scope.

[119K] This lighthouse is near the old U.S. Naval Base in St. Lucy... a couple of the buildings are still in use, but the rest of the base is in ruins.

[52K] Before the days of electronic navigation, approaching a small island like Barbados in the dark was extremely dangerous because of hidden coral reefs just below the surface of the water. Lighthouses were placed to warn ships of the danger. Here is Ragged Point Lighthouse, just a relic now and the adjoining house of the keeper is in ruins.

South Point Lighthouse

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