18th Century architecture from our colonial past... Plantations under re-construction:-

50010[17K] As you drive around the island, you will see many sights
like this one. These crumbling towers are the remains of
windmills that played a prominent part in the island's sugar
production in the 18th and 19th century.

50011[28K] This one is almost covered in bush! But is of a slightly
different architecture.

[119K] This house may have been abandoned because shifting land made it unsafe, landslides are common in St Andrew and road-repair is a never-ending pastime.

[52K] This very old structure may have been around since the days of slavery, the legacy of slavery still afflicts the minds of some Bajans to this day.

The Smale property... old building in St. Philip... old house on Philip Drive, Christ Church:-

Sugar factory and tower in ruins:

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