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Through our flagship site the BARBADOS PHOTO GALLERY, we offer promotion for local businesses that could benefit from tourism and/or International exposure. The Barbados Photo Gallery outshines all other Barbadian sites in it's PHOTOGRAPHIC content. We believe that Internet users love to look at pretty pictures and the comments we have received along with our visitor record tell us that we are correct in our assumption. We have installed two additional mirror sites to spread the load and provide faster downloading times !! The site is dedicated to promoting BARBADOS... selling it's values, culture, arts and crafts to the rest of the world. We take a strong third world position on environmental and other matters of global concern. As a Barbadian business concerned with tourism, the arts, music, crafts, cuisine or literature you SHOULD be listed on our site... Are you ?? Call us... 230-4818 is the number.... Dial it NOW !
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